Acceptable Usage Policy

    ( Version 2 - 01-10-2023 )

  • The acceptable use policy ("AUP") is an essential component of the agreement between Paradox Technologies Private Limited and the Customer.
  • The Customer is required to conform to individual user instructions pertaining to the Services and extend reasonable cooperation for investigations regarding suspected breaches of the Contract.
  • The Customer is expected to observe all relevant laws and regulations. This entails ensuring they have the requisite permissions to use content that has been uploaded to the Service, whether by them or on their behalf.
  • The Customer is prohibited from utilizing the Services for activities that Paradox Technologies Private Limited considers unlawful or objectionable. In cases where the Customer is unsure whether their use of the Services might be considered illegal or offensive, it is advisable for the Customer to proactively reach out to Paradox Technologies Private Limited and seek permission.
  • Paradox Technologies Private Limited considers the following practices are to be illegal or offensive:
    • Using the Services for fraudulent purposes.
    • Storing, transmitting, or linking to content that infringes upon trade secrets, copyrights, trademarks, patents, or other intellectual property rights, or aids in such infringements.
    • Storing, transferring, or linking to content that exhibits harassment, excessive violence, promotes hatred or violence, or includes violent threats.
    • The retention, transfer, or connection to child pornography or content that portrays non-consensual sexual acts is not allowed.
    • Encouraging the use or distribution of forbidden material or products.
    • The unauthorized collection of user information, including email addresses, without the explicit consent of the individuals involved, which is a form of phishing.
    • Mass Emailing: sending of bulk e-mail or other mass communications.
    • Deliberate or negligent utilization of the Services beyond the standard server load expectations, such as consistently elevated CPU or I/O utilization rates.
  • Refer All Legal Agreements
  • Refer Hosting Product Agreement
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